Reservation - Terms & Conditions

Thank you for visiting This website is owned and operated by Green Nature Holidays Private Limited, 4/1165, (M.R.S.), Near M.S. C. Bank Limited, Cherlai Road, Mattancherry, Kochi - 682002, Kerala, India. Please read the following conditions carefully as they are legally binding. All holidays are sold by us subject to these conditions and the other general information provided in this website.

1. Contract

Green Nature Holidays Private Limited with its registerd office at 4/1165, (M.R.S.), Near M.S. C. Bank Limited, Cherlai Road, Mattancherry, Kochi - 682002, Kerala, India is hereafter referred to as ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’. In these Terms & Conditions, ‘you’ and ‘your’ means all persons named on the booking, or any of them as applicable (including anyone who is added or substituted at a later date). Your contract with us and all matters arising out of it are governed by Indian law. We both agree that any dispute, claim or other matter which arises out of or in connection with this contract or your holiday will be dealt subject to Ernakulam jurisdiction. By asking us to make a booking, the person who makes the booking is taken to have read & accepted the Terms and Conditions and General Information, which appears within the quote document and on the Green Nature Holidays Private Limited website, on behalf of all the persons travelling with him/her. A binding contract between us and you is only formed when we issue our confirmed booking invoice by email after having received the full payment of your holiday. If you book any third party products through us, their Terms and Conditions would be applicable in addition to our Terms and Conditions.

2. Booking Your Holiday

All bookings are subject to availability. Before a booking is taken by us, we will email you all the relevant details regarding your proposed holiday. All your queries will be answered to with expert advice. After making necessary amendments in the proposal, if any as requested by you, we will email you the revised proposal. Once you confirm by return mail that you are happy with our proposal, we will proceed to take the payments from you, by sending the provisional invoice and our bank details by email.

3. Provisional Invoice

As soon as you receive the provisional invoice, please check it carefully and contact us immediately if you think any details are incorrect. All details regarding the tour like final tour cost, booking amount, balance payment, pay by dates & our bank details will be provided in the same.

(a) Booking amount has to be paid towards provisional confirmation of the booking and usually ranges from 25% to 50% of the invoice amount. This may vary during season periods, festival periods, long weeknds and peak dates. Booking amount has to be paid into uor bank account within 02 days of booking your holiday with us.

(b) Balance payment has to be done on or before the pay by date provided in the provisional invoice.

All payments have to be done into the Bank Account provided in the provisional invoice, through NetBanking (NEFT / RTGS / IMPS). Whenever you do a payment into our bank account, you are required to email us the payment transaction details eg. Transaction Reference No. / Screen Shot of the Transaction.

4. Acknowledgement for Booking Amount

Upon receipt of booking amount into our bank account, a receipt will be sent to you by email.

5. Acknowledgement for Balance Payment / Confirmed Invoice

Upon receipt of balance payment into our bank account, a confirmed invoice will be sent to you by email.

6. If You Change A Booking

If you wish to change the holiday arrangements after a booking is made, we will do our best to assist you, but cannot guarantee that this will be possible. In case the amendments are possible, we will intimate you by email and you will be asked to pay for the expenses we incur for the amendments requested by you and any reasonable administration charges.

Any request for change has to be made in writing to the corresponding Email ID’s that you receive the confirmation from.

7. If You Cancel A Booking

If you cancel your booking, the below Cancellation Charges will be levied by us on the Total Tour Cost / Total Service Cost.

  • 25% for cancellations made more than 45 days prior to your Tour Start Date / Service Start Date.
  • 50% for cancellations made 45 days to 30 days prior to your Tour Start Date / Service Start Date.
  • 75% for cancellations made 30 days to 15 days prior to your Tour Start Date / Service Start Date.
  • 100% for cancellations made less than 15 days prior to your Tour Start Date / Service Start Date.
  • 100% for cancellations made for bookings during High Season Period, Festival Periods, Long Weekends or Peak Dates.

It is a clear understanding between us and you that for the purpose of this clause, cancellation can be due to any reason whatsoever including the reason of inability to participate due to any reason including illness, death, court orders, non-availability of travel documents etc. The Company shall not be liable to pay any compensation, interest or damages to you.

Any request for cancellation has to be made in writing to the corresponding Email ID’s that you receive the confirmation from.

8. Alteration Or Cancellation By You After Comencement of Travel And Unused Services

We will do our best to implement any changes to your arrangements you request once they have commenced, but we cannot guarantee this will be possible. In the event of such amendments being made, you will be liable for any cancellation charges that may be levied for the services originally booked and for the cost of booking the revised arrangements and the arrangements themselves. As a basic principle, no refunds will be paid to clients who do not complete a tour. However where we ourselves are able to obtain a refund from hotels or principals for services not used, we will pass this on to you, less any reasonable administration charges.

9. If We Change Your Holiday

Occasinally we have to make changes to and correct errors in itineraries and others both before and after bookings have been confirmed. Whilst we always endeavour to avoid changes and cancellations, we must reserve the right to do so. However, we promise we will only change / cancel your holiday when we are forced to do so as a result of ‘force majeure’ as defined in clause 10 below.

Most changes are 'minor'. A minor change is any change which, taking account of the information you have given us at the time of booking or which we can reasonably be expected to know as a tour operator, we could not reasonably expect to have a significant effect on your confirmed holiday.

Occasionally, we have to make a ‘significant change’. Significant changes are likely to include the following changes like; a change of accommodation to that of a lower official classification or standard for the whole or a major part of the trip.

If we have to make a significant change or cancel, we will tell you as soon as possible. If there is time to do so before departure, we will offer you the choice of the following options, only when there is a 'significant change':-

(a) accepting the changed arrangements or
(b) purchasing an alternative holiday from us, of a similar standard to that originally booked if available.
(c) cancelling or accepting the cancellation in which case you will receive a full and quick refund of all monies you have paid to us.

You must advise us of your decision within 2 days of the date on which we notified you of the 'significant change' or cancellation. Please note, the above options are not available where any change made is a 'minor' one.

In the unlikely event that we become unable to provide a significant proportion of the services you have booked after you depart, we will make alternative arrangements for you at no extra charge, or, if this is impossible, or you do not accept these alternative arrangements for a good reason, we will provide you with transport back to the point where your holiday arrangements with us commenced. If we are forced by ‘force majeure’ (see clause 10) to change or terminate your holiday after departure but before the scheduled end of your time away, we regret we will be unable to make any refunds (unless we obtain any refunds from our suppliers), pay you any compensation or meet any costs or expenses you incur as a result except as set out above.

10. Force Majeure

Except as set out in these terms and conditions, we cannot accept liability or pay any compensation where the performance or prompt performance of our contractual obligations is prevented or affected, or you otherwise suffer any loss or damage as a result of circumstances amounting to 'force majeure'. In these terms and conditions 'force majeure' means any event or circumstances which we or the supplier of the services in question could not foresee or avoid even with all due care. Such events and circumstances may include, whether actual or threatened, war, insurrection, riots, strikes, civil action, decisions by governments or governing authority, technical or maintenance problems with transport, changes of schedules or operational decisions of air carriers, terrorist activity, industrial action, natural or nuclear activity, epidemics/pandemics, adverse weather conditions, fire, acts of nature and all similar events outside our control.

11. Surcharges

Once the price of your chosen holiday has been confirmed at the time of booking, we will levy a surcharge only if the amount of increase in our costs exceeds 2% of the total cost of your holiday (excluding any amendment charges). This may be because of currency fluctutation, rising fuel costs, or higher taxes. If any surcharge is greater than 10% of the cost of your holiday (excluding any amendment charges), you will be entitled to cancel your booking and receive a full refund of all monies you have paid to us (except for any amendment charges) or alternatively purchase another holiday from us as referred to in clause 9 ‘If we change your holiday’. Please note that travel arrangements are not always purchased in local currency and some apparent changes have no impact on the price of your travel due to contractual and other protection in place.

You have 5 days from the issue date printed on the surcharge invoice to tell us if you want to cancel or purchase another holiday where applicable. If you do not tell us that you wish to do so within this period of time, we are entitled to assume that you will pay the surcharge. Any surcharge must be paid with the balance of the cost of the holiday or within 5 days of the issue date printed on the surcharge invoice, whichever is the later.

We reserve the right to make changes to and correct errors in quoted prices at any time before your holiday is confirmed. We will advise you of any error of which we are aware and of the then applicable price at the time of booking.

12. Travel Insurance

Our holidays do not include any insurance coverage for you. Hence we strongly recommend that you and all members of your party, you baggages & gadgets etc... are adequately insured on your own, providing financial protection against any unforeseen circumstances. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are adequately covered by insurance for all elements of your trip. Never travel without an insurance, the unexpected can always happen.

13. Your Responsibility

You undertake to behave with propriety and in such a manner as in no way causes or is likely to cause distress, danger or annoyance to other clients and/or any third party or damage to property. If, in the view of ourselves, our employees, agents or suppliers, you are in breach of this clause, we reserve the right to terminate your contract and neither we nor the providers of any of the services in question will have any further contractual obligations to you either in respect of covering any expenses, paying any compensation or refunds, or arranging for your return home.

When you book with us, you accept responsibility for any damage or loss caused by you. Full payment for any such damage or loss (reasonably estimated if not precisely known) must be paid direct at the time to the accommodation owner or manager or other supplier. If the actual cost of the loss or damage exceeds the amount paid where estimated, you must pay the difference once known. If the actual cost is less than the amount paid, the difference will be refunded. If you fail to do so, you will be responsible for meeting any claims subsequently made against us (together with our own and the other party’s full legal costs) as a result of your actions.

You must ensure that all your travel documents, full passports, visas, vaccination certificates, currency and travellers cheques are in order and valid for travel. All costs incurred in obtaining such documentation must be paid by you. We regret we cannot accept any liability if you are refused entry onto any transport or accommodation due to failure on your part to carry correct documentation.

If failure to have any necessary travel or other documents results in fines, surcharges or other financial penalty being imposed on us, you will be responsible for reimbursing us accordingly.

Please note that if you believe that we have stated orally that a particular facility or service should be available, but is not in the brochure, website or in writing from us, please make reference to it on the booking form so that we may confirm it to you when accepting your booking.

14. Complaints & Settlement of Disputes

We take the complaints seriously. Most problems / complaints can be dealt with easily if we are informed on the spot. This is the reason why we provide you a 24 Hours Support Service telephone number on the previous day of commencing your holiday.

An holiday normally consists of different arrangements like hotels, resorts, houseboats, transprotation, sightseeing itineraries, guides, activities etc... and if you face problem with any aspect of your holiday arrangements, you must inform us immediately so that we can take up your concern with the respective service providers and resolve the same to your utter satisfaction.

You agree that:

a. If you do not report a problem or complaint, which if it had been reported at the time it occurred could have been resolved then and there, we cannot accept any liability in respect of that problem or complaint.

b. If you experience any difficulties with respect to any aspect of your holiday, you can contact us on our 24 Hour Support Service telephone number provided in our confirmation email and we will try our level best to sort out the issue then and there.

c. If you could not find an acceptable solution through our 24 Hour Support Service, you should then write to us within 02 days with full details regarding the complaint. We will throughly investigate the matter and where it is found to be correct, we will settle the same through good faith negotiation between you and us within 30 days of receiveing your complaint.

d. In the unlikely event that an acceptable solution could not be found, the matter shall be referred to Arbitration. The said Arbitration shall be conducted under the provisions of the Indian Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 and the rules framed there under from time to time. Under any circumstances, the actual compensation claimed by you cannot be more than the amount that we have charged you for any particular arrangement (component) of your holiday where there was a fault, less the charges for any alternate arrangement (component) availed by you during the holiday.

e. That the arbitration proceedings will be conducted in Ernakulam and proceedings shall be in English language only.

f. The arbitration shall be referred to a sole Arbitrator and in case we both fail to agree to the name of the sole Arbitrator, we may refer to a panel of arbitrators consisting of three (3) members, one each appointed by both of us and the third appointed by the nominee arbitrators by consensus.

g. The decision of the arbitrators on the dispute shall be final and binding on both of us.

h. The competent courts at Ernakulam alone shall have jurisdiction to entertain and try all matters, if any, arising out of the arbitration proceedings.

16. Hotel Information / Classifications

There is often confusion over the terminology used for bed arrangements in hotel rooms. A ‘double’ is recognised as meaning a room with a double bed, this may also be two single beds pushed together. A ‘twin’ is a room with two single beds. Single rooms tend to be smaller than double or twin rooms, however, many hotels do not have single rooms, in which case you will be allocated a twin or double room. Please note that all rooms are allocated at the discretion of the hotel and cannot be guaranteed unless specifically confirmed in writing during the booking.

The hotel classifications given on our website, in our brochures, quotations, dossiers and fact sheets are for guidance only. They are not based on any national or international classification system, they are the opinions of our staff or agents and are quite subjective. The photographs that appear in our website / tour proposal / quotation are indicative only and may not be of the exact room you have been quoted for.

17. Special Dietary Requirements

Special diets should be requested in writing at the time of booking. However, it is unrealistic to expect special diets to be catered for in some of the destinations we feature. We will advise the hotels / relevant supplier of your special request but we cannot guarantee their availability.

18. Special Requests

All special requests are subject to availability. If you have any special request, you must advise us in writing at the time of booking. Although we will endeavour to pass any reasonable requests on to the relevant supplier, we regret we cannot guarantee any request will be met. For your own protection, you should obtain confirmation in writing from us that your request will be complied with (where it is possible for us to give this) if your request is important to you. Confirmation that a special request has been noted or passed on to the supplier or the inclusion of the special request on your confirmation invoice or any other documentation is not a guarantee that the request will be met by the relevant supplier. We regret we cannot accept any conditional bookings, i.e. any booking which is specified to be conditional on the fulfilment of a particular request. All such bookings will be treated as ‘standard’ bookings subject to the above provisions on special requests.

19. Excursions

Please note that we do not provide or arrange excursions other than those listed in your itinerary and forming part of the arrangements booked and paid for. Our local representatives, drivers or guides may put you in touch with local organisers of excursions if you request but we can have no liability for such excursions, as your contract for such excursions will be with a local company / agents / persons providing the services and not with us.

20. Health

We suggest you to consult your physician before booking your trip and before travelling to make sure that you have taken all the necessary health precautions. If you suffer from circulation, heart or respiratory problems we advise that you consult with your doctor before confirming your booking.

21. Pre-existing Medical Conditions / Disabled Passengers

It is essential that you advise us before booking if you have any disability or pre-existing medical condition which may affect your holiday, so that we can assist you in considering the suitability of the arrangements. In any event, you must give us full details in writing at the time of booking. The nature of many of the destinations we travel to means that in the majority of cases they are unsuitable for those who are wheelchair-bound or have a lack of mobility. You must also promptly advise us if any medical condition or disability which may affect your holiday develops after your booking has been confirmed. We will be delighted to discuss the feasibility of creating a tailor-made itinerary for you that takes into consideration your level of mobility. We may request that you provide a letter from your doctor confirming your fitness to travel. If we reasonably feel unable to properly accommodate the particular needs of the person concerned, we must reserve the right to decline their reservation or, if full details are not given at the time of booking, cancel when we become aware of these details.

22. Accuracy Of Information

General information, rates & tour itinerary displayed on the website are for quick reference only and are liable to change depending upon the factors like tourist season, festival seasons, weekends, peak dates, political factors, change in government regulations etc... Details provided to you in the tour proposal we send you by email are final. If on the dates of your travel, any particular picnic spot mentioned in the tour itinerary is closed due to government holidays or any unforseen reasons, alternate sighseeing options which are available will be provided.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the tour propopsal when they are given to you, regrettably errors do occasionally occur. You must therefore ensure that you check all details of your chosen holiday with us at the time of booking.